Do you know where one is ?

I’m sure most of you will recognize the original song & some of their friends / students .. 🙂

You don’t know where one is.
You never know the changes or the form.
Your playing is so far below the norm.
You don’t know where ONE is.

You don’t know what beats are.
You cannot tell beat one from that of three.
Just how lame can one poor fellow be?
You don’t know where ONE is.

Don’t you know the key or chords
For tunes that you claim you are knowin’?
No wonder you sound so lost
Once you’ve started blowin’.

I can’t tell from your line
Whether you’re in three or in five four.
I tell you this and tell you one thing more,
You don’t know where ONE is.

@Gene Rush
Prof. Emeritus
Univ. of Memphis
Jazz & Studio Music